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Beer Here gives you the opportunity to gain tremendous exposure by being included in the most comprehensive database of great beer of the world. Beer Here showcases your brand in stunning high definition with beautiful product images.

The touch screen nature of the Beer Here kiosk invites retailers and customers to interact and learn complete beer characteristics about each of your products.


With the Beer Here interactive touch screen kiosk installed in your store, you can help customers find something fresh and new in stock, expose them to featured brands, and guide them toward highlighted specials. Stand apart from competitors by training your staff to become more knowledgeable through Beer Here.

With the growing demand to better understand customers' spending habits, you can learn what interests are trending at your location and dynamically update your kiosk to help sell more beer.


Easily navigate the world of beer and the ever expanding number of brands representing over 140 styles. Beer lovers can search and explore all the great beer available at their favorite distributor or bottle shop.

The Beer Here touch screen kiosk allows you to find your favorite beer, or one that closely matches, by choosing specific beer characteristics from an easy-to-use interface. The more you use it, the more you'll learn about different beer styles and characteristics that you never knew existed!